Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lunch Saturday with Work Friends

Hi everyone! I know...I've been MIA again. :)

Yesterday I got together with some friends that I worked with at the Juvenile Courthouse. We had gotten together a few months ago. There was Sherri, Rhonda P. and Alena. They work in the Delinquency unit where I worked. Sherri brought her one and a half year old granddaughter she was babysitting. Little Sora was so good. We hardly knew she was there. Rhonda D is a court clerk and she just got reassigned a couple of months ago to the Dependency unit. So she's at a different courthouse now. Darlene, our former supervisor, now retired came; Winston worked in the file room, he's retired now also. Then Monica came. She left juvie a week before I retired and is now a correctional officer assigned to one of the prisons in Vacaville. It was good to see her. We were cubicle neighbors in our old building. I haven't seen her since she left so we are going to try and get together on one of her days off and catch up.

We met at The Elephant Bar restaurant. Gerry and I eat here often. There are two locations in Sacramento, we usually go to the one in Citrus Heights. We met at the one across from Arden Fair Mall. They have a nice variety of meals and everything is so good. Because Gerry and I are old folks we have a Safari card which gives us 20% off on our meals.

I, of course, forgot to take pictures. I was too busy yakking and completely forgot about it. I had my camera with me too. Oh well, maybe next time.

Also, weatherwise, yesterday was a gorgeous day. Cool, breezy and some clouds. Today (Sunday) was nice too. I did turn the AC on about 6pm for about an hour and a half. My craft room got pretty warm...soon as the sun went down, I turned it off. We drove out to Roseville today to eat lunch at Arigato's. Gerry had sushi and I had a bento box. I brought some of my food home and ate it for a snack a little bit ago. All the rolls are 50% off and they are ok, nothing special. The bento boxes are ok too. They have another restaurant in Sacramento, it was the first one then the Roseville store was opened about two years ago. Both places are always busy.

We've enjoyed some nice weather this summer...the weather people did say that this next week is going to be up close to the 100's. It has to happen some time, I guess.

I am still working on organizing my craft closet. Last week we emptied everything out of it and Gerry put together a wire shelving unit for me. I'm going through everything and trying to organize it all better, also getting rid of stuff I don't use or don't want. I have a tub started with "give-away" stuff. Some of my stuff like some of my Stampin' Up stamp sets I'm going to try and sell. Hopefully when I'm done, it will be easier to find things. At least that is the plan.


  1. That's great that you meet up with your old coworkers once in awhile. I suck at keeping in touch with old acquaintances. It's getting hot here too, but the trades help to keep things bearable.

  2. Yeah, they are a great bunch. A couple of them keep in touch with others from the unit that left.