Saturday, March 27, 2010


It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. More of the same is expected tomorrow and then rain is forecast for Monday and into next week.

There was a Quilt, Craft and Sew Show at Cal Expo this weekend. It actually started Thursday and today was the last day. I drove down there this morning and spent a couple of hours. I don't always go to these kind of shows each year, especially if it is at Cal Expo. It cost $10 to park. I had a 50% off coupon for admission so that was $5, a total of $15 to go to the show. It would have been $20 total without the coupon.

The show is mostly quilting fabrics and sewing machines. There where a couple of vendors that had rubber stamping items. Nothing exciting though. I actually was able to walk through the whole show. With my back problems, it is difficult to do a lot of walking. It also entailed walking in from the parking lot to the building where the show was being held. I am in pain tonight which is usually what happens when I do a lot of walking without sitting down for awhile.

I bought a pack of clear envelope sleeves to put my cards in when I finish making them. It helps to keep them from getting dirty or smudged. I also got a quilted eye glass case (my hard side case is falling apart), a small coin purse and a small shoulder bag to carry when I go to things like the quilt show. I don't like to carry a purse, they tend to get in the way.

I played with my mini sewing machine some after I got back. I was having some trouble with getting the tension right so I emailed my friend who told me about the machine. She sent me a link for a tutorial so I watched it. I'll play with it some more tomorrow. I want to make sure the stitching and tension is correct before I use the machine on a card. I've got a card partly made, want to do some stitching on it before I finish it up. I know how to sew and this machine was getting me frustrated. Hopefully I will be successful tomorrow with getting it to work correctly.

I saw Brent yesterday and got about an inch (maybe) trimmed off. He cleaned up my layers and put more low lights in my hair. There is still some gray. I really like the way it looks. He had some soft curls in my hair when he finished. I have natural curls and waves so it doesn't need a lot of curling. His sister, Valerie, had an appointment after mine so I stayed and visited with her for a few minutes. I hadn't seen her in quite some time. Gerry and I have a little story with Valerie and Brian, her husband. They were married on our 5th anniversary. I casually had mentioned to Alda, their mom, about helping out at the wedding. Well, I ended up helping with setting up for the reception. Denise was there with me and Gerry came to the wedding after he got off work and cleaned up. He ended up washing everything that was used for the reception that needed washing. We got home after midnight that night, looked at each, said "Happy Anniversary" and fell asleep. We've never let Valerie and Brian forget it. LOL!!

Brent's father pastored the Nazarene church where Gerry and I met and his mother helped coordinate our wedding. His parents also helped me get the first job I had working for an attorney which was in the same building where they had their personnel agency. They started the agency after leaving the ministry. So we have a long history with the Steele family.


  1. $10 for parking! YIKES!! At least you did find a few things there. I love to walk so I can go a good distance. Unfortunately like you, I can't do it for too long anymore, before my back starts hurting. Sucks, yeah. Good luck with your sewing maching.

  2. Jalna, I appreciate you so much!! You are the only one that usually leaves a comment on my blog. Thank you!! Yeah, I hope I figure out what is going on with my sewing machine. Its not like you have to be a rocket scientist to use the silly thing. hahahaha!!