Friday, March 19, 2010

Some of the Hulas Performed Sunday at Memorial

My first attempt at uploading videos to my blog. Unfortunately, I uploaded them in the reverse order of the performances. Well, I will know better the next time I do this.

This first hula is being danced by Celeste who is one of Eke's granddaughters. She is the daughter of Bobby. This is a beautiful hula and she did such a wonderful job in dancing it as a tribute to her grandmother. She is the mother of two little boys. Her oldest son who is 5 years old was sitting on a bench in front of us. He was sure proud of his mom!


  1. Great videography, Betty! I love Kealii Reichel's music.

  2. Thanks Jalna! Actually Gerry took the videos. I gave my camera to him and he took all the pictures at the memorial. I really appreciated him doing that for me. :))