Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Breakfast this Morning

I usually have a muffin and orange juice for breakfast every morning. I ate the last muffin yesterday and did not get to the grocery store since it was kind of stormy outside.

This morning I started giving Gerry a hard time because I wanted him to fix waffles and he had already eaten his granola and yogurt. I could have had some instant oatmeal. Well, the sweetheart that he is, went into the kitchen and made me a waffle with warm real maple syrup. :) I love to cook, however, breakfast is not a meal I like to fix. The only time I will fix breakfast is on Christmas morning. He fixed himself a waffle too.

And if you are thinking I am so spoiled ---- I will admit I am spoiled. I don't ask very often for him to fix waffles so it is a treat when he does.

It rained again all morning, the sun is shining now. Supposedly later this afternoon we can expect some thunderstorms. Tomorrow is suppose to be a nice day, got to get to the grocery store and then the weekend will bring more rain.

Hannah's birthday party is Saturday. Her birthday is tomorrow and she will be 16. (Daughter Elizabeth's middle daughter). Wendi (Southern California daughter) is suppose to be flying up and probably will bring Katie (granddaughter).

I'm going over to my craft table to try and come up with an idea for a birthday card.