Friday, June 15, 2012

Sewing Projects

I've been sewing, off and on, for the past few weeks, well...more like the last two months.  Here's a few projects that I've made. 

Last October Gerry did a ride over in Lakeport, northwest of Sacramento.  The ride was around Clear Lake.  I found a quilt shop to browse around in and purchased some material to make some tote bags.  

This one is blue with hydrangea flowers.
 The lining is a pale blue.
 This one is a dusty pink with roses.
 The lining also has roses.
 This one is red with white roses, probably my favorite one.
 The lining.
 This is a vintage hanky tote bag.  I saw this on Pinterest and really liked it.  I knew I had a hanky that my mom had given me years ago, so I went hunting for it.  The hanky has purple flower sprays on it.

I purchased the canvas tote bag from Hobby Lobby.  Then used double sided fusible interfacing on the hanky, fusing it first to the hanky then to the bag.  I then sewed all around the outside of the hanky on the bag.  That was a little tricky, however being able to remove part of the sewing arm on the machine made it possible.

I trimmed the handles with large purple rickrack.  Before I sewed in the lining, I sewed a pony tail band in for a loop.  I covered a button with some of the lining fabric and sewed that on the front.

 The lining is purple although it looks blue.
 I had fabric left over from these projects so decided to make some zippered pouches.  I went on to You Tube and found a couple of videos to use.  They are not the best, however, it doesn't really matter.  They are for me to use.

This project I started back in April.  It took about 3 weeks to complete it.

I purchased 6 fat quarter pieces of fabric, all different...different colors and patterns...and cut each one in 3 6 inch strips.  I sewed each of those together and then top stitched each strip.  I also purchased one fat quarter to use as a border.  After I got all the strips together, I realized that I was going to need more fabric for the border and would have to do rows.  So back to the quilt shop I went.  The owner of the shop had helped me pick out the fabric, initially, so she helped me pick another piece of fabric to use.  Thankfully they had more of the first fat quarter I had bought to do the border. 

 To break up the rows, I sewed white rick rack between each row and top stitched each row.  It has an elastic waist.  I finished in time to wear it out to eat on Mother's day.  I really love the way it turned out and it is fun to wear.  


  1. Good! I like it! If you need more information at

  2. OMGoodness....wowee...will you be selling these ?? I think you must ! I would be a customer for sure !! Humm, I wonder where my hanky from my wedding is ???

  3. Hi Dd,
    I hadn't thought of selling these or making some to sell...I probably could make some for you if you really wanted some. You'd have to tell me what colors you like and patterns, and I'd have to see what I could find. I can't get any more of these fabrics here in Sacramento...I found them in Lakeport which is about 75 miles or so from Sacramento.

    The vintage hanky tote is pretty easy to make. I made a tote out of a pillowcase too...I didn't like the way it turned out.

    Let know your thoughts. My email is

  4. Thank you for your comment 2012 Fashion Tote Bag Sale.

  5. So nice!! You do a great job Betty!

  6. Cute bags, Betty. You should sell them. Etsy is a popular site!

  7. Thanks! I have a few friends that have etsy shops. I do have a bag for sale. Haven't taken a picture of it yet and posted. Haven't done much sewing lately.