Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Other Food Items I Shouldn't Eat

Last night I told you about not being able to eat anything with hot chili pepper/spicy seasonings. 

I have gout which I inherited from my father.  He suffered immensely from the pain of gout attacks.  It normally doesn't affect women.  The first time I had an attack I was at work and couldn't figure out why the big toe on my left foot was throbbing.  My foot around the area of the toe was beginning to swell.  I told my supervisor I was going home and called my doctor.  One look at me and he knew right away what the problem was.  I took medication for years then stopped.  One of the aftereffects of taking the drug is kidney failure.

As long as I don't eat the "No, No" foods I am okay.  Once in a while I will have some throbbing in the big toe.  My left ankle will also throb sometimes.  It has been a few years since I've had a really bad attack.

So, the foods I should not eat:
1. any kind of shell fish, seafood...i.e. shrimp, lobster, crab.  I can eat all the fish I want, it doesn't bother me.
2.  beans...i.e. pinto beans, kidney beans.  During the winter time, I want to make chili...can't have it.
3.  asparagus...I can eat it in moderation.  Like the doctor said "don't eat 3 lbs at one sitting".  We love fresh, California asparagus.
4. moderation
5.  braised roast moderation.

I also can't have dairy products.  Although I will eat some ice cream once in a while and it won't bother me.  I love cheese...sometimes its okay to have, other times NO.

It can be a real bummer sometimes trying to figure out what to eat.


  1. Awwwww . . . way too many good stuff on your "no no" list.

  2. I know, huh, jalna. It can be frustrating at times.

  3. wow....good to hubby suffers from gout, tho (knock on wood), he hasnt had en episode in a long long while, but I had no idea of all these other items.....we love chili "with beans" and everything else on your list.... ;o{

  4. Hey Dd: I've heard cherry juice is good for men. Good to hear he hasn't had a flareup in a long time. It can be so painful. I love all these foods too...just have to be real careful. I'll have a tiny bit of these items once in awhile and then hope I don't have a flareup.

  5. I know a few people that has gout. It also runs in my family. Eating pork is what makes my sisters hands hurt. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I learned my lesson to not even one small bite of shellfish.