Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memo to Self: Read the Labels

I've been craving a hotdog and potato salad.  So yesterday when Gerry and I went to Bel Air, I got the makings to satisfy my cravings..

First let me say, I can not and do not eat anything that is chili pepper hot.  If I do, it is a 911 event for me.  My throat constricts and I am in trouble.  So I don't eat a lot of Mexican food, spicy BBQ sauces, hot and spicy Korean food...you get the picture.

Well, I like sliced olives in my potato salad.  I put 2 small cans of them in my basket yesterday.  I made up the salad when we got home, planning to have it for dinner along with a grilled hot dog.  We had gone over to Round Table Pizza for their lunch buffet after finishing shopping so we decided to eat dinner late.

All was well until I took a bite of the potato salad and realized something was hot in the salad.  There was a piece of an olive in that first bite.  I grabbed my drink right away and said to Gerry that something was spicy in the salad.  I had put a dash of celery salt in the salad.  He thought maybe it was the red bell peppers in the relish.  I kept saying no...so I got up and got the other can of sliced olives.  And right there on the label under "sliced olives" was "with red jalapeno peppers".  Who would have thought??  I didn't read the label assuming it was just sliced olives.

I've been eating the salad, just making sure to pick the olives out.  We're surprised that the rest of the salad is not contaminated with the "heat" from the olives.

It more than likely would have been a 911 event if I had taken a bite with more olives in it.  Even Gerry said the olives were pretty "hot" and he loves spicy food.

So gotta be more careful...


  1. Since when do they make olives with peppers anyway? I don't blame you for not reading the label.

  2. So crazy, huh! I am thinking the same thing...why would hot peppers be put in olives???

  3. please be careful Betty. Sometimes I forget reading the label on the can and than realizing I got the wrong one when I'm in the process of making a dish.

  4. Thank you...I won't make that mistake again...lol!