Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Siblings and A Cousin

Here's another picture from days gone by...I think it was taken either in 1947 or 1948.

Left to right: my brother, Edwin Ernest (Eddie), our cousin Keith Kaneta, my sister Puanani Rowena (Nani), me Violet-Elizabeth (Betty) and my younger sister Ernestine Kealoha (Ernie). Another sister, Agnes Naomi (we call her Naomi) was born in December 1948 and our brother Samuel (Sam) was born in August 1950.

This was taken at Ala Moana Park (I think). The five of us were always together; usually we were lined up according to age...Keith is older than my brother Eddie...can you tell that I am fairer than my siblings?

I was named, partially, after Keith's mom. Her name was Elizabeth...she went by Eli...she was my mom's younger sister. I was also named after my father's sister Violet. I don't have a middle name and my first name is hyphenated. Brother Samuel doesn't have a middle name either. Brother Eddie was named for my mom's brother, Edwin and my father Ernest. My sister Ernie was also named for my father (my father was hoping for a boy) and her middle name was my mom's middle name. Samuel was named for Samuel in the Bible. I don't think sister Nani was named for anyone.

I think I've told the story how I got my nickname "Betty"...if not, I'll tell it some other time.


  1. Oh Betty, that photo is so precious!!

  2. Thanks, jalna! I love it!! There's a few more I'll post later...