Friday, January 6, 2012

Kailua High School Choir, School Year 1959-1960

Here is a picture of the Kailua High School Choir, school year 1959-1960. We had performed a Christmas concert at the then Kailua Intermediate School. Mr. Shigeru Hotoke was our director. I was in Mr. Hotoke's 5th period class, we were the "Select Class".

I have looked for this picture several times over the years and was never able to find it. Gerry and I are in the process of cleaning out boxes that have been stacked in our spare bedroom. In one of the boxes was an album that had some old pictures in it. I was taking the pictures out and putting a post-it note on the back of them. Towards the back of the album, was this picture. What is awesome too is that on the back of the picture are the names of the classmates who were in that 5th period class.

I just scanned the picture onto my computer and wanted to post it. I will be sending it to Rodney Inefuku, who is a 1961 graduate. He has kept the classmates connected through email. Some time ago, I told him I had this picture and then couldn't find it.

Oh, I am on the left side, 4th row, 3rd person from the end. Standing next to me (the 4th person) is Shirley Davis. We reconnected a few years ago.

Note: Click on picture to see the entire choir. I wish there was a way to zoom in on it.

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