Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Nook

I finally got my Nook set up and today downloaded a book. The author is Debbie Macomber, the title is "The Shop on Blossom Street". There are 5 books in this series. The cost was $5.76. I started with an inexpensive one to see how this works. It is a little confusing, at least to me, in figuring out how it works. I had to have Gerry register the device for me. It has a keyboard much like a smart phone and I kept hitting the wrong keys when I was trying to register it. Gerry told me it was because I don't type with one finger like he does. :)

I went up to Barnes & Noble today to look at the covers that are made for the Nook. Would you believe .... they don't have any in the store. I had looked at them online yesterday, I wanted to see what they looked like in real life. The sales person told me that B&N is having such a overwhelming amount of sales of the covers online that they cannot supply the stores. They are rather pricey starting at about $25 to $125 for the designer ones. So I guess I will have to order one online.

The sales person told me about a class that they are having to teach Nook buyers how to use the reader. One is this coming Saturday, I already have plans and the next one is the middle of June. I think I will register for it. It wouldn't hurt to take it.

After I figured out how to get to the book I purchased, I read the first chapter. I wouldn't be surprised if one could read a whole book in one day, if there weren't a lot of pages. This particular book has 300 pages.

I had created a list of the books I want to read on my desktop computer. So yesterday I brought it up and printed it out so I could check and see which ones are in ebook format. I started creating a wish list on B&N and so when I want to purchase another book, I can just look at my wish list and order from there. I won't have to look them all up again.

Of the authors I like to read, the selections are not that great. I have several books that I purchased that I haven't read. I need to get those read, I've run out of room to keep them. My craft room/office is overflowing between my stamp stuff, my books and everything else that seems to find its way into this room. I need to go through my Stampin Up stamp sets and see if I can get rid of some of them. Some friends of mine that are Stampin Up demos are having a huge garage sale this Saturday. It would have been nice to have been able to sell some of them at the garage sale.

Anyway, I think once I figure out how to use my Nook and am comfortable with using it, I am really going to enjoy it. I just need to get a cover for it so it doesn't get all banged up.


  1. Wow Betty, you are soooo in this millenium age now!

  2. Yeah, huh! So many toys, so little time to play with them all! hahahaha!! I'm sure I will still enjoy picking up an actual book to read it every once in awhile. :))