Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gerry's Father's Day Gift

Gerry's Father's Day gift arrived today. A friend of Denise's, Julie Edler does stained glass. Her husband, Jeremy was stationed at Ft. Rucker in Enterprise when Denise and Stephen arrived there. They along with another couple were the first families that joined Denise and Stephen in their Calvary Chapel fellowship group.

Julie created a page on Facebook called "Stained Glass by Julie". Denise sent me an invitation to become a fan. She had a picture of an eagle and I asked her if she could make just the eagle for me. Gerry loves eagles. I thought this would make a great gift for him for Father's Day. It is really difficult to get him anything. :)

So here is what she made. The eye is painted on and I asked her to do it on both sides. The tongue is red yet it is hard to see because I have a piece of black cardstock behind the eagle. We really love it! Julie does beautiful work. Check out her page on Facebook.This is a picture of what I saw on her page. This is beautiful also.
She does beautiful jewelry boxes. She made a pink ribbon heart today and it is posted on her page.
Thank you Julie!!!

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