Saturday, May 8, 2010

Car Jacking in our Mobile Home Park

Gerry told me last night that on Thursday night there was a car jacking in our mobile home park.

This afternoon I saw the person who lives behind the person whose car was highjacked. Here's what I was told.

This person was in his car ready to drive out of the park. A car with three people drove up and approached him with guns drawn. They wanted money from him. He said he didn't have any with him, that he left it at home. They then wanted to drive him home to get some money and tried to get in his car. He had gotten out of the car when they approached him. He refused to get into his car with them. They then beat him and pistol whipped him, left him in the street and drove off with his car along with the car they arrived in. He went to the neighbor's house, banging on the door. The neighbor let him in when seen who it was. He was covered in blood. Law enforcement came out along with CSI personnel. He was taken to the hospital and has several stitches on the side of his head behind his ear, a huge gash down the front of his forehead, his jaw was broken on one side and other cuts and bruises. Then today he was complaining that his right leg was hurting along with his shoulder. It was about 11 pm when he went to the neighbors to get help. There may have been some shots fired although none of the neighbors heard anything. This is a senior mobile home park and most of the residents go to bed very early.

Apparently he may have known the woman that was in the car and thinks it was a set up. This occurred about 4 streets over from where our mobile is located. We are in the front of the park. I do not always feel safe here in the park, especially when I am by myself. This sort of thing does not make me feel any safer. I haven't seen anything in the paper. We don't watch the news on television so don't know if anything was reported on the news. Gerry walks down that particular street just about every night.


  1. oh my gosh Betty! How scary! Be safe...

  2. Thanks, Les. It just goes to show that this sort of thing can happen anywhere even in a senior mobile home park.