Monday, November 28, 2011


I probably shouldn't be remembering what happened 50 years ago today...however, I have thought of it...

Fifty years ago today I married my first husband. We were both so very young and immature in a lot of least I know I was. It was probably a marriage that shouldn't have happened for so many reasons. Our cultures were so different...I was born and raised in Hawaii and he was born and raised in Arkansas and Texas.

He was in the Marines stationed at the Marine Corp base in Kaneohe, HI. His sergeant brought he and some other guys to church and that is how I met him. Our marriage lasted 9 years and 11 months. The one good thing that happened in that marriage was the birth of our daughter, Denise.

My coming to the mainland was because of that marriage and in January of next year, it will be 50 years.


  1. A fork in the road 50 years ago brought you to where you are today. I dare say it's a good place filled with love and happiness. Despite the bumps and turns on your road, you've made a fine life for yourself, Betty.

  2. Thank you, is so very true. Inspite of all the ugliness in my 1st marriage and the years of Denise and I being by ourselves...she remembers very little...and for that I am truly grateful. Gerry came into my life at a time when I ready to share it with someone else. We've had our problems...however 31 years together speaks volumes...