Monday, September 6, 2010

Viet Nam War Memorial Moving Wall

The Viet Nam War Memorial Moving Wall has been in Sacramento this Labor Day Weekend. Its displayed at one of our local cemetaries. Its not too far from us so we drove over last night to view it. It is really quite impressive. I have no idea how many panels it consists of, each one is numbered. I noticed that there were 70 panels in the eastern section of it. Maybe as many on the west side of the wall.

Taking pictures was very difficult...of course...I just have a Casio Exlim digital camera. There were pairs of several flood lights directed towards the wall and the glare from those lights bounced off the wall.

This was one of two floral wreaths in front of the middle section of the wall. I tried to get a whole picture of the wreaths and couldn't get a clear one. I got this picture up close. It was presented by a Vietnamese organization here in Sacramento. This is the one picture I got of the Wall looking east. This is about the middle section so judging from the spotlights, it is quite a distance to the end of it.
These are some facts from the website for The Moving Wall:
  • This Wall is a half size replica of the Wall in Washington, DC
  • It has been touring the country for over 20 years
  • This Moving Wall was built by Vietnam Veterans
  • There are 2 structures that travel the US from April to November of each year
  • There are 58,228 names listed on The Wall in Washington, DC. This Wall contains 58,182 names. Over 200 names have been added to the original wall.
  • The names are listed in chronological order of the casualty date, then alphabetically within the given date.
  • The names of The Moving Wall are not exact in the same order as the names on The Wall in Washington, DC
  • The names listed start 10/21/57 and end 5/14/75.

The PGR had been asked to help with providing security through the night hours while The Wall was here in Sacramento.


  1. That is amazing! I would love to see the wall.

  2. I wish we would have gone up during the day. I think it would have been so much nicer and I could have gotten some better pictures. It really is quite long with both the east and west sections.