Monday, September 13, 2010

Overnight Trip

I forgot I was going to blog earlier.....

Friday afternoon we left Sacramento and drove to Modesto which is about 90 miles south of Sacramento. A Christian group that we enjoy was doing a concert at a church there in Modesto. It was the closest they were getting to Sacramento so we decided to drive down to hear them. Gerry told me we had quite a few points on our Choice Hotels membership and we could have a free room for the night instead of driving back to Sacramento.

It was a pleasant drive down was in the 80's here and about the same down there. It took about an hour and 45 minutes to drive down. We had a room at the Clarion Conference Center. This hotel was probably a show piece when it first opened years ago. It is still in good shape yet shows its age. Our room was very comfortable. It had two off the inside hallway and then one from the parking lot. We had to enter from the inside hallway.

After we checked in, we sat and watched TV for a little bit then changed clothes and drove over to the church. Gerry had googled BBQ restaurants and he found a Korean BBQ. The reviews were very good and it was just a couple of blocks from the church. So we went and had dinner after we found the church. We were the only ones in the restaurant, it was still early. It is run by a husband and wife...she's Korean, we couldn't figure out what nationality he was. He looked East Indian to me, however am not sure. I had beef bulogi and Gerry had pork bulgoi. The food was fantastic...the husband brought out all the different little dishes that are served with a meal. Half of them were spicey and half weren't so I could enjoy some of them. They will refill them if you want more. We were stuffed by the time we left.

We drove back to the church and for it being an hour and a half before the concert, the church was already filling up. It turned out that the church was packed. The name of the group is "Selah". It was actually a benefit concert for Bethany Home Services. They provide crisis pregnancy services, adoption, counseling and have a home for teen mothers. The concert was outstanding!! I had bought their newest CD so after the concert Gerry stood in line to get their autographs on the CD cover.

Saturday morning, after having breakfast at IHOP (it was the closest to the hotel and next to the freeway), we drove over to Tracy to see my niece Amy and her husband, Joe. Amy had called me Thursday night and I didn't return her phone call until Friday morning. She told me Tracy was about 30 minutes away from Modesto. So when I mentioned it to Gerry he didn't have a problem with driving over to see her. We had to take 4 highways to get there. There was another way to get there, however, I didn't write down the directions on how to get to the particular road. We had a great visit. Joe works for United Air Lines at the San Francisco airport. I think he's an airplane mechanic...I'm not sure. Anyway he works at night and gets home after 9 in the morning. He is part of a vanpool and they could see the San Bruno fire. In fact he called Amy to turn on the news to see exactly where it was. They wanted to be sure they could get to the airport. Amy use to live close to that neighborhood and has a few friends that live close by where the explosion was located. Joe sat up and watched football with Gerry for a little bit and then had to go to sleep. Gerry watched football by himself while Amy and I gabbed. Amy is a scrapbooker/paper crafter so we had to go up to her craft room and look at all her stuff.

We left there about 3:30 pm and drove home. We got home about 6pm, I think, because we stopped out by Arco Arena and had dinner at On the Border. It might have been later. We weren't hungry while we were at Amy's...she offered to fix lunch...however we were starved by the time we got back to Sacramento.

Gerry usually goes for a walk after dinner and picks up the mail. Our mailboxes are down at the clubhouse. Tonight he comes in and tells me all the mail is for me and there's one envelope I will really want to open. Guess what...I received a summons for jury duty. YUCK!! I have to report in next month. I have several card swaps that are due next month so I am going to be super busy getting them done in case I have to actually serve.

Its 10:30 pm so I'm off to bed.


  1. What a great quick trip. You did a lot in just a day and a half. It's great that you got to visit with your niece. Too bad about jury duty. I agree . . . YUCK!

  2. We drove about 200 miles on that little trip.

  3. Aloha!!!! I came across your blog from another as I was "cruisin' Blog World! (I just came home form work, showered and I SHOULD be making dinner!) But I wanted to comment to say hello and ...I will be back :o) I like to look at older posts and what caught my eye was "Shoyu" on one of your posts! haha My hubby is from Hawaii...4th generation on the Big Island. We are living in Georgia right now...

    Blessings & Aloha!

  4. Thank you so much for finding my blog. I took a quick look at your blog also. Beautiful sketches!! I am from Hawaii, also. I've lived in California since January 1962. My first husband was stationed at Kaneohe Marine Corp Base and I met him at church. I was married at home then joined him here in California. Unfortunately, we were divorced in 1971 after the birth of our daughter. In 1980 I married my second husband who is also a Marine. We'll soon celebrate our 30th anniversary.

    How interesting your husband is from the Big Island. I was born in Honolulu. I'm Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, English and French. My Portuguese grandmother's family came to Hawaii from the Azores also.

    I followed your blog so will be excited to read your posts. I post stuff I've cooked on my blog and include recipes. There are a few meals that are what I ate growing up. :-) My husband likes everything and anything to do with Hawaii...except poi! :-)

  5. Betty, thank you for replying! I actually don't normally go back to the same post that I leave a comment at. But I wanted to be sure that my comment went through and I am glad I did! Please do leave a comment on any of my posts when you reply so that I am sure not to miss any from you...with working outside my home, I have limited blog time. I wish I had more so that I can keep up! haha

    My hubby's brother claims/insists that he is 100% pure Portuguese! Not! lol ...Their great grandparents all came from the Azores, but beyond that they have some Spanish, Irish and a wee bit French...the Portuguese surely got around as world travelers. Each of my hubby's siblings married other than Portuguese :o)

    We are so excited to get to go visit his family at the end of this month! Yay! Next week!!!!

    Please do come back often...I really am excited to meet other bloggers from Hawaii.

    today, I have off, but I have all my appts and errands to do! Will take a peek around to read more, before I go.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I am following yours now too :o) Oh also, actually it was your post that you had with the photo of spam and then the work Shoyu that caught my eye! heehee