Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weather Changing

Have you noticed how the mornings are a little cooler? Well, maybe not in your part of the country. Here is Sacramento the mornings are cooler. The days are still warm and still need to have the A/C on for a little bit. Of course, it is still August and we have September and October to go through before Fall sets in. I am so ready for some cooler weather. Although, all things considered, we have not had a really hot summer. We've had 100 plus days, it just hasn't been days on end. It will cool off for a few days and then warm back up. That's been the pattern most of the summer.

On another note, Saturday is the big day for the Shoebox Card Swap that I am hosting here at the park. I have 15 ladies coming and we'll be using the clubhouse. We'll be making cards all day and having a potluck lunch. I'll be up super early to get everything down to the clubhouse that I need to take down. Sure hope I don't do myself in before we even start. I'm excited to see the card samples that everyone has made. Everyone will bring kits so we can make each others card. For a stamper, a whole day of card making is the best!! Each of us will go home with 15 different cards. :))

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