Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kayaking at Negro Bar, Lake Natomas, Folsom, CA

One of the activities that the family goes on during the summer visits of our Southern California kids, is to go kayaking at Negro Bar. This was Sunday, 7/26. Here is grandson Andy, daughter Jenni's son, with Uncle George, our son-in-law from So. California. George is married to daughter Joyce. Andy was all excited because he and Uncle George were the first ones back and they beat Hannah. Geese enjoying the water.
Aunt Wendi and Melody. Wendi lives in So. California and Melody is daughter Jenni's daughter.
Granddaugther Katie, age 4 1/2 with her mom Joyce who was doing all the paddling. I think this is Katie's second or third year to go kayakking. She loves it!
The first group got in about noon. Gerry wanted to go out so son Jason went with him. They were gone for about an hour and a half.
Jason was pretty tired and hungry when they got in.
I am still having a difficult time in getting pictures uploaded to Blogger so I will try to put a few on my blog. Then will create a full album on Facebook. Of course anyone wanting to see all the pictures will have to be a friend. Send a friend request if you are already on Facebook, or join and send a friend request. Hope you enjoy my attempt to share some of the family "goings on".

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