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February 23, 2023

It's been a whole year since we had Gerry's service.  Sometimes its hard to realize that he's gone and that I've been by myself for a whole year.

His service was beautiful.  It was held at the Northern Nevada Veterans Cemetery in Fernley, NV.  The Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition conducted his service with military honors.  They did the firing of rifles, 3 volleys total.  They did the folding of the flag that was draped over Gerry's casket and then presented it to me.  There were 4 men that did the folding and each one then came to me and offered their condolences.  

Three sons and 3 grandsons escorted the casket to where it was displayed.  All 7 of Gerry's children were there along with my daughter and a few other grandchildren.  Numerous friends were in attendance.

I had requested the Northern Nevada Patriot Guard Riders to stand a flag line.  I also requested anyone that could from the Capitol Region (Sacramento) PGR join in.  There were a few that made the ride up along with a couple of guys from VFW.  The NNPGR presented me with a plaque that was inscribed with Gerry's name and a thank you for his military service.  I have it hung on the wall to the side of the bathroom door.  When I walk out of my bedroom I see it and it is comforting.  Gerry served 3 and a half years as an active duty Marine.  He would always remind me "once a Marine, always a Marine".

The day was beautiful, the sun was shining and the temperature was in the 40's with no wind or snow.

Erik had rented an Airbnb in Fernley where the family gathered.  Denise and I went there first and then the family went together to the cemetery.  After the service we went back over for some lunch and took some pictures.  We didn't stay long, it had been a very emotional time and I was exhausted.  Denise and I took our time driving back to Dayton. 

The day I left Nevada to move back to California, Elizabeth drove over to the cemetery so we could visit Gerry's gravesite.  The marker I had ordered had been placed at the site and I wanted to see it before I left Nevada.  I was pleased with what I had chosen to be inscribed on the marker.

A hui ho, Honey!  I love you!  See you later!

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