Saturday, November 8, 2014

More Family Sadness

My last post on June 6, 2014, I shared that my oldest sister, Marie, passed away.  Last week I received news that her youngest son passed away.

Nephew, Michael Alan had celebrated his 60th birthday early October.  He lived alone, had never married.  His co-workers discovered his body.  During his growing up years he was affectionately known as "Tubby". 

I spoke with Ernie, my younger sister, today.  His service was yesterday in Honolulu.  All of his siblings were there except for a brother and sister.  Ernie shared some things about him that I found interesting...the last time I saw him was in the mid '60's when they lived in El Paso, TX.  I remembered him as a very happy, lots of fun little boy.  He always had a smile on his face.

He was very active in the Rotary there in Honolulu and worked with computers.  He had for many years taught cooking classes to the homeless.  He taught them at the Episcopal church where his service was held.

After the burial service, family was invited to the home of some of their dad's relatives for dinner.  Ernie, her husband and son were the only ones there from our side of the family.  She related how nice it was to meet some of our brother-in-law's family.

You don't expect to hear of the passing of a niece, nephew, or other family member younger than hearing the news of Tubby's passing was disturbing...especially so soon after his mother's passing. 


  1. Why o why I often wonder. All our love and aloha to you and your family during this time Betty. XXOO !!

  2. Thank you, Dd...his siblings are having a tough time, especially since they lost their mom just 5 months ago...