Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello, Remember Me

Thought I would drop in and do some updating about what has been going on in my life...

Patriot Guard Riders activities keep us busy.  Since the first of the year there have been 38 missions, most of which we attended.  The majority of them have been out at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery (SVNC), a distance of about 40 miles from home.

I've also been sewing like crazy...finished two lap size quilts for our two youngest granddaughters...finished a rag quilt for our youngest grandson...made a flag bag out of suede for a PGR friend....have another one to finish.  Made an oversized patchwork quilted tote bag for each of my sisters, Nani and Ernie...and getting ready to do another craft fair in June with stepdaughter Jenni...making more bags, some zipper pouches and whatever else I can think of to make.

I've taken over the dining room table to do my sewing, etc.  I desperately need to clean up my stamping stuff, like get rid of a lot of it, so I can have room in my craft room/office for my sewing stuff.  I was scratching up the table with my cutting mat and sewing machine so bought one of those cutting boards made out of cardboard like material to cover the table.  My mom had one of these and it is what she used to cut her fabric on when she sewed.  I use a cutting mat and rotary cutter.  I am reminded of my mom on a daily basis as I work on my projects. 

We have a new member to the family, a great grandson.  On April 10th, Thatcher Ray Lane was born.  He is the son of Nathanael (grandson) and Melissa Lane.  He was about a week early so weighed 7 and a half pounds at birth.  They live in South Carolina, although Nathanael has been transferred back to Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville, NC.  He was stationed at Ft. Jackson in South Carolina.  Melissa and baby will stay with her folks for the time being.

Of course, last November 10th Jude Wesley was born to Denise (daughter) and Stephen...he was 9 and a half pounds.  So in 5 months time we added a new grandson and a new great grandson...Denise became a new mom and new grandmother...second grandchild for she and Stephen...

I had my one year checkup with the doctor who did my cataract surgeries, a couple of weeks ago.  My eyes are very healthy and in fact they are doing so well, I don't have to use the eye drops for lowering the pressure in my eyes.  That means that the glaucoma is not an issue now...will have a pressure check in 3 months.  I am so thankful to not have to worry about glaucoma affecting my eye sight.

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