Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saying Final Goodbyes

Saying final hard to do...especially when it is a loved one  There have been 3 deaths in the last few weeks...2 family members and a high school classmate.

The first part of June, our daughter-in-law died unexpectantly.  Our son woke up on a Sunday morning, walked out to the kitchen and found her sitting at the kitchen table.  He tried to wake her and couldn't so went to get his daughter.  She was gone...the coronor was called, the fire department and police arrived.  Gerry got a call from son and he rushed out of the house to go to Roseville.  Our oldest daughter came over and gave me a ride to Roseville.  The family had a graveside service for her then friends and family were invited here to the clubhouse at the mobile home park where we live for a potluck.  What a difficult time that was, preparing for her service, saying our final goodbyes.  I don't know if our son has received the final autopsy report...those take a while to prepare.

This morning I received a phone call from a niece telling me that one of my older sisters passed away yesterday.  A while ago, she had been diagnosed with having pancreatic cancer.  This is a fast moving cancer and she wasn't given much time to live...hospice had been contacted.  Although it was expected, hearing that it had happened was shocking to say the least.  I had not seen this sister in a lot of years and had lost touch with her.  My younger sister stayed in touch with her and in fact the two of them were very close.  That sister took the news very hard.  My heart ached for her.

Then one day last week I received an email from a former classmate...another of our classmates had passed away.  What was so sad about this passing, it was someone that I had hung around with in junior high and high school.  She had been a close friend...of course contact had been lost after graduation.

Hearing the news of my sister passing away was a little strange to me...I was taking my morning shower when my niece called.  She left a message and I called her back.  I had been thinking about my siblings while in the shower...thinking of each one in order of age and where they all were...I later wondered if God was preparing me to receive the news.  I thought to myself I should call my younger sister and tell her what I had been thinking about...

Thankfully there are memories of each of these...those memories should hopefully help to make the sorrow I feel bearable...

We have no idea how much time we have on this is important to make each moment count with those that are dearest to us.

Sybil, Vi and are free of pain now...your memory will live on with those of us who will always cherish the time we were able to spend with you...and will be missed so very much!!