Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I Have Been Doing

 With my new eyes I have been busy sewing.  The above quilted tote bag is available for purchase.  It was made from a charm pack called Peony Blush.  The colors are pinks and greens.  SOLD 
A close up view. 
Pale Pink lining with a pocket.  The green fabric was also used for the handles and a panel that joins the front and back of bag.
This is the second bag I made from the same charm pack.  My neighbor saw the squares before I got it put together and wanted it.  So it is sold.  I was pretty happy since this is the first bag I've sold!  :)  SOLD
The colors are gorgeous.
This is a smaller tote bag I made last summer from left over squares that I am making my quilt top from.  It is not quilted, has a lightweight interfacing to give it some body.  The bag alone is $10.00...with the zippered pouch $12.50.  SOLD
The other side.
The lining, also made the straps from the same fabric.  They are about 9 inches long.
Then I made a zipper pouch with different squares on both sides.  SOLD


I had my second cataract surgery on April 8th...left eye.  It was a complete different experience.  I did not doze off after given the IV sedative so I was aware of everything that was going on.  There was a tiny bit of pain and could feel tugging and pulling.  I also felt the injection that the doctor gave me to numb the eye.  He and the OR nurse were chatting back and forth.  I could have said that I needed more of the sedative, however the pain was tolerable and I wanted the procedure to be over as soon as possible.

I didn't have a long wait as I did the first time.  I think I was there a total of about 2 and a half hours.  I have done real well and have 3 more days of putting eye drops in that eye.  It is absolutely amazing how well I can see.  Everything is so clear and vivid.  I am enjoying being able to get back to my regular activities and especially enjoying being able to sew again.

Haven't done any card making, need to tackle that one of these days.  Actually thinking about downsizing my card making stuff so I have more room for fabric, etc.  I could really use my 6 foot table.

I need to make an appointment with the optometrist now to see about getting glasses.  Thankfully I still have my old glasses so I have been using them to read and see things up close.  My distance vision is fantastic.  I still have to use the glaucoma drops for another 5 months and will have a check up in October to see how that is doing.  Then next year in April I will have a complete eye test.

I couldn't be happier with the care that I got from my doctor and the entire staff at the Eye Surgery Center.  I got cards from them after both surgeries and a Starbucks gift card.  Well, the Starbucks was because of the 5 and a half hour wait I had the first time. :)
 Almost forgot to add this bag.  I just completed it this afternoon.  It is another quilted tote bag made from a charm pack called Tapestry.  The colors are corals and greens.  It is also available for purchase. $25.00  THIS TOTE BAG IS STILL AVAILABLE.

The lining is green.  I forgot to sew in a pocket.  The handles are about 9 inches long.

Leave a comment or email me if interested in any of these.



  1. OMG Betty . . . my eyes got REAL BIG and my HEART started POUNDING when you said that you could feel them working on your eye. I even feel all sweaty right now. YIKES!!!! Okay, I took some deep breaths and now I'm calm. Your bags look awesome! So glad you got your sight back.

  2. It's ok, wasn't really bad. I surprised myself about not saying I wanted more sedative. I was unbelievably calm through it all...especially when I had been so adamant about having sharp instruments in my eyes. That's where prayer comes and God's care.

    Didi bought two of the bags. So the only one available right now is the last one pictured . I am just waiting for her to tell me how she wants to pay for them and then I can ship them..I sent an email to her this morning. :) I'm excited. Will be making more.