Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Am So Bad!!

What is it with not keeping my blogs updated??  I am so bad.  I have good intentions, I just can't seem to get it done.  Some of my friends are so good about blogging every day!!  LOL!!  I am even worse with my cards blog!!

I've got to make up my mind that I am either going to keep my blogs updated or just delete them.  Its not like I don't have anything to share...

I will share that we have had crazy weather this week.  It has rained most of the week.  The sun is out now although it has rained off and on throughout the day.  There was a newsflash on the internet that parts of Sacramento had pea sized hail...and snow was down to 1,500 feet, there would be about Auburn up I-80 and Placerville up Highway 50.  The foothills were also experiencing power outages. 

The report also said that downtown Sacramento had the coldest temperature for the middle of March in 98 years.  I think it is barely 50 degrees.  The norm for this time of year is usually in the high 60's.  The forecast for the coming week is some sun, some rain and higher temps.


  1. I know what you mean Betty. I feel myself kinda winding down too. I actually can't believe I've lasted this long.

  2. Yeah, me too...its been 3 years since I started this blog...did good in the beginning...