Friday, September 9, 2011

My First Crochet Project

A few weeks ago I decided to teach myself to crochet. I love the crochet flowers that are used on card projects. So I decided I would learn to make them. I bought some yarn and a couple of needles and watched lots of You Tube videos. It looked easy enough and so I decided to try making one. Well, it was beyond frustration. I just couldn't do it.

Several of our family members crochet including Denise and my sister Nani. My sister told me to get Clove needles, that would be more comfortable to use. Denise told me to get 100% acrylic, worsted yarn. I had gotten a Size H Clove needle and that was ok. I decided to give up on the flowers and try making a simple dishcloth. I found a begineer video and watched it several times. It was just chaining and then single crochet.

Unfortunately, I had to take it apart twice and on my third try, it seemed to be going together a lot better.

So here is my finished project. I actually made it a little bigger than what the instructions on the YouTube said. There are still some booboos in it, however, it looks like some others that I have. I even put a border on it by single crocheting all around it. That covered up some of the rough endings on some of the rows.

I even did 3 single crochets at each corner for some extra detail.

I found a blanket tutorial on You Tube that looks easy...the demonstrator even said it was suited for a beginner project. It uses a huge needle which I got today and 2 strands of yarn. So I will give it a try and see what happens.

The dishcloth is now in the dishtowel drawer in the kitchen along with the others that I have either bought on Etsy or Denise made for me. I have 3 that Becca (my granddaughter-in-law) made and I bought from her. Now I can make my own when the others wear out.

There certainly is a nice feeling of accomplishment to try something for the first time and have it turn out. I made another placemat purse the other day. I put the other placemats away for now, I'll do them up sometime later.

My sister Nani was going to look for some Hawaiian print material that would be nice enough to make a baby quilt. She is suppose to let me know what she finds, then I will send her some money to get the material for me. I'd like to do one for Chayse...I got to thinking about the Hawaiian quilts Denise had when she was a baby and thought it would be nice for Chayse to have one. Denise's quilts were still in good shape to use when Rebekah was a baby. Denise also has a quilt that my mother handquilted for her. I asked her in June if she still had it and she said yes.

It is very warm here tonight. I turned the A/C off (9:26pm) and have the windows opened up. Thunderstorms and lightning are expected in the foothills and mountains for the next few days. We may get some of it down here in the valley. That kind of weather is a sure thing for fires.


  1. Congratulations Betty!! Keep it up! Can't wait to see more!

  2. That's great! I tried to crochet once but I could never figure it out. LOL!