Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy me...

This has been birthday week for Gerry and I...his was Monday and mine was yesterday...the beginning of the last year of the 6th decade of my life! Wow, that sounds strange! :)

Gerry asked me Wednesday night and again yesterday morning what I wanted to do. I had no clue other than I wanted crepes for breakfast and wanted to go to Mimi's later for dinner. Other than that, I didn't really care. So here's what we did for my birthday...

We went to Country Waffles in Citrus Heights for breakfast. They have 2 items on their menu featuring is 2 Swedish crepes filled with a choice of apples, strawberries or blueberries. It also includes 2 eggs and bacon or sausage. The other item is just 2 crepes with choice of filling. I had the 2 crepes with blueberries. They put a small dollop of whipcreme on top. It was perfect...and some orange juice to drink. Gerry had a waffle with bananas and caramel sauce on top and coffee to drink. (I didn't take pictures...had my camera with me too).

From there we drove to Roseville to the Galleria (shopping mall). Gerry has an account at Helzberg Jewelers (he's gotten me a few things there). He had gotten a postcard in the mail from them for a "free pearl bracelet", so he wanted to go get it. The bracelet has a silver heart attached and it says "I Am Loved". :) The pearls are not real...the sales clerk recognized the necklace I was wearing and asked if we had bought it there. It was a Christmas present one year...3 diamonds set in a row (downwards) with a piece of gold down each side of the diamonds.

We walked around the mall for a little bit. Construction is still going on in the area of the mall that was burned last fall. Supposedly that portion of the mall will be open by this fall, a year later since the fire.

Since we were close to where son Jason works and the Nissan needed an oil change, we drove up there to get it done and see him. We also wanted the Nissan was in dire need of a "bath". Denise called while we were there and had a chuckle that we were getting the oil changed on my birthday. There's a bead shop next to the auto repair place and so we walked over there. Gerry is looking for some beads to make a replication of a couple of military ribbons he has. They didn't have anything that he wanted. I did get some small jewelry boxes I needed for a swap I am doing. When we got back to the auto place, Jason was ready for lunch so we walked across the street to La Bou's...he had a sandwich and Gerry and I got something to drink. I had a piece of lemon square. It was not as good as the ones Denise makes.

When we got back the van was finished. We then drove over to Joann's. For my birthday I bought myself a kit that contains a 18" x 24" self-healing cutting mat, a 6" x 24" ruler and a rotary cutter. I want to start sewing again and am thinking about learning how to quilt. I have a high school classmate friend that told me she'd help me. Denise is learning to quilt and has made a few things. We watched lots of quilting "you tubes" while I visited last month. That got me interested...besides I have always loved quilted things and wanted to learn how to do it. I need to finish up some card projects before I really get into it.

After we left Joann's, we came home. By then the temp was hitting close to 100 degrees and I was getting a horrible headache. We relaxed for awhile then went to Mimi's for dinner. I had gotten a birthday online coupon. I had their Asian Chopped Chicken salad with a carrot/raisin muffin and Gerry had Jambalaya (I think that's how you spell it). He really enjoys the dish that the Elephant Bar makes. He said Mimi's was not as good.

It was a little after 7 when we got back home. One of the neighbors, a few spaces down, was having an estate sale. She fell a while ago, cracking several ribs. Her daughter wants her to move in so she is getting rid of her stuff. There wasn't anything interesting...not that we need anything. We need to be getting rid of some of our stuff.

Gerry went for his walk...and while I was "chilling" sister Nani called. We have just started talking again...she has gotten into card has been nice catching up and finding out where her kids and grandkids are and what they are doing. Her phone call was a very nice ending to "my day".

Oh, my phone was "dinging" all day long with Facebook notifications of someone posting to my wall. When I checked Facebook before I went to bed...there were over 60 people (family and friends) who had left a birthday greeting. I felt so blessed...

I have no idea what this next year will bring...Gerry and I were sharing the other day...we have been so fortunate to be in good major problems (little annoying ones sometimes) and we are still able to do what we need to and want to do. Gerry rides his bicycle 3 days a week...50 to 60 miles each day. Not bad for being 72 years old and 69 years old...:)