Saturday, July 10, 2010

Busy Time

Another quick post. Yesterday was a very busy day yet enjoyable. Gerry called me from a stop in Penryn that they were headed up Indian Hills Road over to Auburn Folsom Road and then down to The Flower Farm. I was in the middle of cleaning the front bathroom, so I finished up what I was doing and drove out to The Flower Farm in Loomis. They had just gotten there when I pulled into the parking lot. It was busy out there, there weren't any tables on the deck, however, Gerry spotted a picnic table out in the yard.

We ordered our usual Special Bagel Sandwich. It is cream cheese on a bagel of choice, sliced cucumbers, red bell pepper strips, sliced red onion and then slices of smoked salmon with a special sauce of some kind on it. It is so yummy and messy to eat. One of these times I'm going to remember to take a picture of it. We usually share it. Keith had a breakfast sandwich. We were out there for about an hour, I absolutely love it out there. They've added a cover over the deck and added some seating out in the garden.

After I left there, I drove over to the Antelope Bel Air and got fixings for dinner. Gerry and Keith got in about 4pm, they had ridden over 70 miles. Keith helped me get the dining room table set up with the leaf extension while Gerry went to storage to get our folding chairs. Keith then left to go get cleaned up. I told him he could do it here, he wanted to go back to his hotel.

Erik (oldest son who lives in Idaho), Seth (his son/grandson), Rachel (his daughter/granddaughter) and Brittany (Seth's girlfriend) arrived after 6 pm. Jason (he lives in Roseville and is always included when I fix a dinner for our out of town kids) arrived shortly after and then Keith came back. We ate a little after 7pm.

I fixed a chicken dish, rice, corn and a salad. Then I fixed a yummy dessert. I'll do recipes later. Again I forgot to take pictures. There was too much going on to remember to do everything. :) After we ate Rachel wanted her dad to take her over to Aunt Elizabeth's house. She was going to stay there with them. Erik, Seth and Brittany are staying at Jason's. After Erik got back we had dessert.

Last night was the first time I met Brittany. She's been skiing when some of the kids get together in February in Idaho. Gerry has met her there. Anyway, she came in the kitchen when I started cleaning up. She ended up rinising all the dishes and getting them in the dishwasher. I was very impressed!! She graduated from high school this year and is going to college in the fall. She hasn't decided if she'll go to Boise State or somewhere else. I also found out that she has a smidgen of Hawaiian blood. Her middle name is Keahonui. One of her grandmother's is part Hawaiian, I don't remember if its her father's mother or her mother's mother. Anyway, she's a sweetheart.

While we were waiting for Erik to come back, we came into the craft room and I showed her some of the cards I've made. Since all the guys were in the living room, we decided to have some girl time. :)

Gerry and Keith are getting in a bike ride this morning and then joining the rest of the family at Negro Bar to go kayaking. Negro Bar is part of the Folsom Recreation Area and is below Nimbus Dam which is part of the American River. This is a yearly activity when the out of town kids come to visit.

I am taking 2 card classes with Julie Ebersole from A Muse stamps today and will be gone all day too. So everyone will be having a fun day.

I will check in later. Have a great day!

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