Monday, July 13, 2009


This morning Gerry had another PGR mission to go on, again at the Veterans Cemetary in Dixon. The service was for a Army Sgt E-5 who died on June 24th from cancer. His wife asked the PGR to participate in the service. A film crew had been filming his life story and exposure to Agent Orange when he died. He did two tours of service in Viet Nam and survived Tet in 1968. He was diagnosed in 2008 with tumors and was given 2 months to live. He lived a year with the diagnosis. The film crew was there to film the conclusion of his life story.

The PGR formed a flag line around the gazebo where the services are held at the cemetary. There were 32 flags, 44 motorcycles and 2 cages. Cages are vehicles (cars, trucks etc.).

Usually I stand off to the side, observe and take pictures. Today I decided to join Gerry in the line and didn't take any pictures. The sergeant was given a full military send-off and I must say, it is very impressive. I didn't even try to contain my tears rolling down my cheeks. At the conclusion of the service, the widow and a gentleman, perhaps a son, walked around the circle of PGR flag bearors, thanking them for coming. A few of the guys hugged her and the son shook some hands.

As Gerry and I walked away, the guy filming the event filmed us walking towards him and said to us "God Bless You" as we walked past. Gerry replied "God Bless You too".

There was a second mission going on at the Yolo County Airport. A soldier from Dunningan, CA who died on July 4th in Afghanistan was being brought home. We drove out there to try to be a part of that mission. Gerry took a wrong turn and we missed it. Gerry got another email saying that there were 30 motorcycles and 5 cages at that mission. The PGR formed a flag line as the coffin was brought off the plane and then escorted the family to the mortuary in Woodland where the services will be held on Thursday. They also were escorted by the VFW from Woodland, fire department vehicles from Woodland and Dunnigan, Woodland Police, and the CHP. Gerry will probably be participating in the Thursday mission at the mortuary.

Since we missed the turn for the airport, we drove over to Winters to have a late breakfast at the Putah Creek Cafe. This is one of our favorite places to go. We had finished our meal and while we waited for the waitress to bring our check, I went to the ladies room. When I got back, and we had boxed our leftovers to bring home, Gerry stood up and walked over to me. He had a different look on his face; he says to me "remember when you were a single mom and didn't have a lot of money. Well, this young mom sitting at the table next to us is counting her money to see if she has enough to pay for her meal. Here go give her this while I go to the mens room." And he handed me a $20 bill. I had seen the young lady walk in and sit down, she had a little girl with her. The waitress brought them some water and the mom ordered, I thought. Well, I folded the bill in my hand, got up and went over to her. I gently touched her arm and slid my arm down so it was between the table and her and indicated to her to take what I had in my hand. She was startled at first and then looked down and saw I had some money in my hand. She took it and thanked me. I went back to our table to gather my purse and our to go boxes and looked over at her. The waitress was bringing a meal I guess she ordered for her daughter and asked if she knew what she wanted for herself. She opened up the menu and ordered a hamburger for herself. As I walked by again, I bent down and whispered to her that I had been a single mom at one time and didn't have any money, and someone helped me. She thanked me again and had a smile of relief on her face. There was an older couple sitting at a table behind her and they heard what I said to the young lady. When I walked around them, they looked at me and smiled.

That gesture of kindness brought back so many memories of when I was divorced and struggling to raise Denise. There were a couple of people that crossed my mind today that helped me in much the same way. I was not in a position to see all that was transpiring at that particular table, however Gerry was and God whispered in his ear to extend that kindness to that young mom and her daughter. We will never know that mom's circumstances or what she was thinking at that moment and time, however hopefully it helped to brighten her day just a little bit.

We see people all over Sacramento standing on street corners and freeway offramps with their signs asking for money or something to eat. We tend to ignore them because more than likely they will use whatever money they get to buy drugs or more liquor and we won't support that sort of thing. Then God puts a situation like this young mom and her daughter in your path and it is just the right time to help.


  1. I'm so glad that you have Gerry in your life. He is very special.

  2. Thank you, Jalna. He is a good person and does have a kind heart although sometimes I wonder. :))

  3. Hahahaha. Wendell too . . . he is the best . . . but last night the trash was overflowing and I yelled out to him, "The trash can is vomiting!" He did nothing. So I tied up the liner, heaved the trash out of the container (it's huge and heavy) and made a big pissed-off show in front of him as I lugged the trash out myself.

  4. Hahahaha!! I can just see you doing that! Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em!! Hahahaha!!!