Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Flower Farm, Loomis, CA

The first time I drove out to The Flower Farm to meet Gerry, I didn't have my camera with me. Gerry wanted to do a 70 mile bicycle ride on Saturday, 7/25, to celebrate his birthday. He stopped here at The Flower Farm for a break. I drove out to meet him and remembered to take my camera this time. The Flower Farm is a nursery. There is also a coffee shop, flower shop, gift shop and also a B&B and a large barn that is rented out for large events. The first time I was out there, things weren't really in bloom yet. It is so pretty out there, quiet and peaceful even though Auburn-Folsom Road, a busy thoroughfare, is right there. This view is from the patio on the back of the coffee shop looking out to Auburn-Folsom Rd. Fresh, cut flowers sold here.
A friendly cow checking out the surroundings.
There are numerous metal animal sculptures scattered around the nursery. Here's a huge frog sitting on a lily pad.

They have a small produce stand on the property. All locally grown produce.
Beautiful heirloom tomatoes at $3/lb
Entrance to the Coffee Shop.
Getting ready to finish the ride.
See how I managed to get our van in the background.Some of the plants either just growing there or for purchase.
Entrance to the Nursery and Gift Shop.


  1. I'm glad you took your camera with you. Such a neat place. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I put a full album on my Facebook. In fact that's what I'm going to do now with my pictures. Since Blogger wants to mess up when I am uploading pictures. I managed to get these pictures and the birthday pictures uploaded without any problem, then when I tried to do another post, the pictures were not uploading completely. I got frustrated and said forget it. I'll try again.