Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ernest Ha'akua Chung-Hoon Ohana Group on Facebook

I created a Group Page on Facebook called the Ernest Ha'akua Chung-Hoon Ohana.

One of my nieces, Sandee, posted these pictures that she inherited when her mom (one of my older sisters) pasted away a few years ago.  They are absolutely priceless!!
In this photo are Violet, Beatrice, Dad, their wet nurse Auntie Ida holding Cyril.  Marie is sitting on the bottom steps.  I am not sure if the girls are in order except that I believe Auntie Vi was the oldest of the girls.
Sister Violet and Dad.  I am named after Auntie Vi.  She had a flower shop and nursery for many years on the corner of 6th Avenue and Waialae.  When we lived in Palolo Valley I use to get off the bus that brought me from Kaimuki Intermediate School to catch another bus home.  I'd go into Auntie's shop to say hello while I waited for the Palolo Valley bus.
Auntie Marie, Daddy and Auntie Bea.  Both aunties were school teachers.  I had Auntie Marie as a teacher, for a short while, when I was in the 6th grade.  Auntie Marie was my favorite aunt.  She never married.  She taught me to tell time when I was in the 1st grade.  In December of 1948 my mother gave birth to my baby sister.  We all went to stay with relatives while she was in the hospital.  I got to stay with Auntie Marie; that's when she taught me how to tell time on a huge red school house clock.  She also bought me a beautiful red coat for Christmas.  I loved that coat so much and would wear it even though it was not cold.  Guess that's why red is my favorite color.  :)
Here's a picture of a very young Daddy.  I have no idea  how old he would have been in this picture.

So far we have 74 members in our group...which is pretty awesome!


  1. Wow - that's so great. And w/the help of technology it's so amazing how you can bring the people together and share treasured photos like these!

  2. Thanks Gem...I was so excited to see these photos that my niece posted...especially since Daddy and his siblings are gone now...and yes, thanks to technology that allows us to share amazing life events... :)