Monday, January 2, 2012

Today's Evening Sky

We had some errands to do this afternoon. We got back home a little after 5 pm. As we drove down the street towards our mobile, the sky towards the south was pink and purple...just gorgeous. In the few short minutes it took to get in the house and grab my camera, the sky had completely changed. Where it had been pink and purple was now gray with just a sliver of pink at the very bottom. It is clear towards the west. It is amazing how quickly things change.

Joyce, Wendi, Katie and Emma drove up to Sacramento on Thursday for a belated Christmas with their mom and other family. Yesterday afternoon we went over to Elizabeth's to visit with them. They headed home this morning. Katie and Emma both had Christmas programs at school so they sang a couple of songs for us from their programs. It sure was cute watching them.

I had planned to start taking Christmas decorations down today. Unfortunately, that didn't get accomplished. Oh well, there is always tomorrow...laundry didn't get done either...just the bed sheets...

We had the leftover casserole I made the other night for dinner tonight. I think it was better tonight than the night I fixed it.


  1. I know what you mean about the sky changing so quickly. I miss a lot of shots from not being fast enough. And I didn't accomplish much in the way of closet cleaning myself today. Like you, maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

  2. I'm not doing very well today, laundry going, that's about all... :)