Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sacramento, Here We Come!

We head for home this morning after having breakfast in downtown Los Angeles with some of Gerry's friends. We are eating at The Pantry, a restaurant that has been in business for 50 plus years.

Wendi and Katie (Joyce's daughter) are also headed for Sacramento this morning. They are flying up for Melody's (daughter Jenni's daughter) birthday party tomorrow and will be in Sacramento long before we leave Los Angeles County driving north. We'll see them tomorrow at the birthday party.

We've had a great visit here. Little Emma and Katie are the cutest little girls and so much fun to be around. Yesterday morning I watched Peter Pan with Emma and Katie. This is Emma's favorite movie and she wants to watch it over and over. Of course, being able to hang out with Joyce and George has been great too!! :))

I'm off for now. I will post again when we get home. I haven't been able to check my emails so I am sure I have a ton waiting on me. Have a great Saturday and talk to y'all later.

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