Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I made it to about 11:30pm last night. It was raining and it hasn't it is a repeat of last weekend. It is pretty cold too. I'll take the rain any day over the horrible weather in other parts of the country. Read in the paper this morning that the midwest had some horrible tornadoes. Some friends of ours are visiting family in Mississippi and they spent quite a bit of time huddled in a hall closet as the sirens went off in the town they are visiting. Thank you...but no thank you. I can deal with the rain and cold.

I woke up before 8am this morning and watched the Rose Parade on HGTV. It is commercial free...that's a good thing. Once again there were some beautiful floats. Years ago, back in the early '60's I lived in Pasadena (I was married to my 1st husband). I worked for an answering service and some of the big name designers for the floats had service with us. I was able to visit the barns where the floats were built and decorated. It was pretty awesome. We also were able to have front row seats to view the parade. One of the years we slept on Colorado Blvd to insure we'd have our spots. The friends that we went with lived a couple of blocks from Colorado Blvd so we took turns going to their place to get warm. It was a lot of fun!!

I am going to be laying around today doing nothing. I should clean off my craft table. Maybe I'll do that...need to go get out of my jammies first.

Happy New Year!! May it be a year filled with many blessings and good health!!


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, BETTY!! I think you should stay in your jammies all day and do nothing!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR, jalna!! I got dressed...hahahaha!!!

  3. Happy New Year Betty. I'm still in my jammies. Just hanging around the house with Ed and reading some books today. I miss the sun!

  4. Happy New Year! That was really interesting. We recorded the Rose Parade and are just now watching it. It would be amazing to see the floats being made.