Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Honey

Gerry is celebrating his 72nd birthday today. Since today is a ride day with his bicycle club, he decided to lead the ride and mapped out a ride that will consist of 72 miles for mile for every year of his life.

He mapped out 3 options for the ride, the longest one being 58 miles. The coffee stop on the long ride was to The Flower Farm out in Loomis. I drove out and met him there. He was the last one to get there because as the ride leader, he has to sweep the route to make sure there aren't any riders that need help. Just a few riders went out to The Flower Farm. Most of the group went to Karen's, a bakery/cafe in Folsom. That was one of the short options. Here he is ready to get back on the bike. Looks pretty good for 72 years of age, huh! I think so.

Ready to hit the road again. I enjoy going out to The Flower Farm. I've blogged before about this place. It includes a nursery, a Bed & Breakfast, an event hall and a coffee shop. The coffee shop was recently sold. It was really busy in there today and it took quite a while to get an ice tea and a peach smoothie. We use to always enjoy a bagel sandwich that had smoked salmon on it. We asked the person taking our order if they still made the sandwich. She said "yes" and that they made it better than the previous owner. She started to tell us what was on it and when she mentioned "capers", that turned me off. The sandwich had smoked salmon, cucumbers, tomatoes, green pepper and this sauce that was so delicious. Maybe we will have to brave it some time and try their version of the sandwich.

It took so long getting our drinks that I went inside to find out what was happening. The smoothie was just being made and I had to get the ice tea myself. Wonder why they didn't give us a cup to get the ice tea, to begin with. Service was not what it use to be.

There were two ladies from the club that came in before Gerry got there and they insisted on waiting for him. He was okay with riding by himself....

It is a beautiful day today with a nice the 80's...I took a jacket with me when I left home in case it was cool out there. The temps will be back up into the 90's by Thursday. That is always HOT on my birthday! :)

There is a nice covered deck on the back of the coffee shop that overlooks the garden. It is so nice to sit out there. I walked around the garden when I first got there...there were lots of dragonflies flitting among the plants and trees. A flock of geese flew by too...

I didn't ask him what he wanted for dinner...will have to see what he wants when he gets home. We are going to Reno next week...he was thinking of a birthday trip for us and then I found out that Nathanael will be in Reno from August 3rd to the 6th. We are going to drive up to see him and it will be our birthday trip. The 82nd Airborne Convention is being held then and Nathanael was picked to supervise the medical teams that will be taking care of the guys doing a jump. He only has to work on that one day so will be able to hang out with him some. I am really excited to be seeing him.

As a side note...

I know I haven't blogged since I got home from my Alabama trip. I've over-committed myself with Splitcoast Stampers card projects plus sorting out 2 swaps that I am blogging has been the last thing on my mind. I'll get back in the swing of things...sometime soon... :)

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  1. Happy Birthday to Gerry! Can't believe he's 72. He really does look really good.