Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday Gerry had to go over to Carmichael Bicycles to pick up some wheels he ordered. He asked me to go along with him. It was noon when we left home. Across from Five Points, the shopping center where the bike shop is located is a place called "Willie's". We have passed it so many times yet have never stopped. Gerry decided we'd stop for lunch there and see what it was like.

Well, were we ever surprised!! It is a hamburger place and a whole lot more and a very busy place. Ordering is done at the counter and then your number is called out when your order is ready. I ordered a taco combination which comes with rice and beans. Since I can't eat beans, I got extra rice. This was probably the best tacos and rice I've had in a long time. Better than any Mexican restaurant. I had one steak and one chicken taco. The meat was cut in little pieces and there was cheese, chopped leafy lettuce, tomatoes and a mild sauce on the taco. What was so unique about it was that they were tied up in little bundles with some kind of a vegetable strip. Well, we weren't sure what it was, it did look eatable though. The rice was very moist and flavorful. So often times Mexican rice is dry. I devoured my tacos and Gerry finished up the rice I couldn't eat. Gerry had a burger and fries. I didn't ask him what kind of burger.

The tables all had stainless steel tops with backed wooden benches. The restaurant had kind of an industrial look to it. They have beignets which are square donuts that are dusted with powdered sugar. There is a restaurant in New Orleans that serves them and have made them very famous. I am going to have to go one of these days to get some beignets. :)) They serve mostly burgers. The onion rings were huge!!

Five Points is where most of Gerry's bicycle club rides start from. The bike trail is down the street from Five Points. There is a Bella Bru restaurant in this shopping center. They serve great food and baked goods there.

Well, anyway we were very impressed with Willie's and probably will visit again. I must remember to start taking my camera with me!! (Note to self).


  1. I haven't had Mexican food in awhile. There's only one Mexican food place near where I work, and the girls were disappointed when they tried it out.

  2. I don't like Mexican food, mostly because of the spice. Gerry loves it so whenever we do go to a Mexican restaurant, I have tacos or enchiladas. These tacos at Willie's were so good!!